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When talking it through isn’t enough to express everything you feel

Release tension and emotional blocks using

body-centered techniques: movement, massage,

breath-work and guided visualization.

Life can be stressful and overwhelming. Let’s slow things down and restore your peace of mind.

Feelings of anxiety, stress and frustration can manifest physically in your body, weighing you down and making you feel stuck in negative thought loops.

Together, we’ll bring compassionate attention to those areas of discomfort, to fully express the emotions that feel blocked. You’ll experience deep relief from both emotional and physical tension. And this will allow your body-mind to return to its natural balance, flow, and vitality. So that you can get on with life, with CLARITY and EASE.

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Welcome to a holistic approach to mind-body health.

Befriend your body

Learn to bring attention to your unique body language, and access your unconscious.

Gain clarity

Freely express your emotions through talking and movement, and align your actions with your intuition and insight.


Release tension and emotional blocks in your body through breath-work, movement, and massage.

Deepen your relationships

Create clear and flexible boundaries, and learn how to deepen your compassion towards yourself and others.


Here’s how we can work together to uncover the stories and emotions you’re holding in your body.

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Private Session

60 minutes   |   400 NIS

Psychotherapy with body-centered techniques including movement, breath-work, and guided imagery. (Jerusalem clinic or via Zoom).

Available in English or Hebrew.

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Private Session

90 minutes   |   500 NIS

Psychotherapy with body-centered techniques including movement, breath-work, and guided imagery, plus biodynamic massage (fully clothed.) (Jerusalem clinic).

Available in English or Hebrew.

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Group Workshops

90 minutes   |  Fees depend on size of group.

Topics include the body-mind connection, healthy boundaries, and mindfulness, and incorporate qi gong (gentle movement) and meditation. (In-person or via Zoom.)

Available in English.


“After years of therapy with more “conventional” clinical psychologists, I have never experienced a safer space than the one Naomi provides. With her help I was able to create real, life changing habits, and learn how to listen and connect to my body.”

- Y.

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Hi, I’m Naomi.

And here’s what I know: your body expresses the truth of how you really feel.

Your body speaks to you through sensation, breath, posture, and movement. When you listen and respond to your body’s messages, you gain access to its profound wisdom.

But when you are disconnected from your body, then stress can manifest as pain, dis-ease, and chronic health conditions. And then it’s easy to feel alienated from your body, or that your body is betraying or sabotaging you.

By deeply attending to your unique body-language, we can address the core issues beneath your story, and give you relief and clarity to move forward with ease.


When You’re Ready for a Fresh Approach

Experience Relief and Clarity through Holistic Techniques.

My Credentials

  • BA in Psychology (Monash University, Australia)

  • Body-Mind Therapy (3-year course, Alma Interdisciplinary Center, Israel)

  • Mindfulness for Trauma Treatment (Path Center, Israel)

  • Focusing (Gendlin) with additional specialization in Trauma Treatment (Alma Interdisciplinary Center, Israel; Focusing Oriented Therapy Center, Israel)

  • The Neurobiology of Feeling Safe (Academy of Therapy Wisdom: Online Training for Therapists)

  • Mind-Body approaches to Fear and Threat (Academy of Therapy Wisdom: Online Training for Therapists)

  • Crisis Counseling for Adults and Youth (Milev Center, Sha’arei Zedek, Israel)

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When you’re looking for relief from pent-up emotions and stress. And talking it through isn’t enough.

Come and experience the vitality of a
deep, mind-body connection.
For self-discovery and healing.
For soothing your mind and your body.

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